The Tracker: Track phone/calls 4.1


Prank your friends, family and boyfriend or girlfriend tracking their position

Hilarious application that allows you to track incoming calls to your phone or find a cell phone arround the world.
Prank your friends, family and boyfriend or girlfriend showing them that with just a touch on your mobile phone you can know their position.
They will be completely surprised
Fully configurable and customizable.
Absolutely functional.

To access the secret menu settings make a triple click on the title of the home screen followed by a long click (all in less than 3 seconds)

Version 2.0 release notes:
- Track phones on demand, not longer necesary receive a call for track a number.
- New Register system for custom searches.
- Improved location algorithms
- Fixed some bugs for specific terminals

Version 2.1 release notes:
- Contact picker fixed, now works with all models

Version 4.0 release notes:
- Added a compatibility version for support some devices that crashed when tracking a number. But typically both versions will work in most phones.

Coming soon: Multi language.

It is constantly updated. If you find any errors please contact us and we will solve as soon as possible

All necessary information for locations is obtained from the phone or application.

This application does not share this information in any way

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Last Updated:2011-09-18 18:55:02
File size:0.81MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up